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About Aparaajitha Girls Hostel

What started as a search to find a healthy hygienic girls hostel for a cousin turned out to benefit many young ladies as Aparaajitha.

Thousands of young girls migrate to the city in pursuit of studies. Especially, the medical students and the girls preparing for civil services often have to spend most of their energies travelling long hours to avail themselves of a clean hostel. The available hostels in the city for girls are either very far or do not meet proper sanitation standards. As a result, girls either have to settle for hours of travelling each day or pay for expensive hostels catered towards working women. Many girls are also discouraged from moving to the city because of these reasons.

Now, you can find Aparaajitha Girl's Hostels close to your classes, with less travel, ample space to study, home cooked food, and a safe place to return to.

To make life easier for medicos and students preparing for groups and other competitive examinations, we launched comfortable and affordable stay facilities as Aparaajitha hostels throughout the city. We are the pioneers in providing unique home-like hostel facilities in the city. We aim to provide hotel-like services at a hostel like a cost. Trust us to take care of all the chores for you so you can give your undivided attention to your dreams. We are committed to providing a safe, secure, and hygienic environment with clean facilities, healthy food, and hassle-free amenities for nominal fees. We strive hard to listen to our residents’ concerns and endeavour to resolve them as soon as possible.

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